The Secret to a Happy Writing Life by C.A. Mitchell

 On sale for 0.99 through 9/13/2015

On sale for 0.99 through 9/13/2015

Welcome C.A. Mitchell to the blog.

She's written a wonderful, New Adult Paranormal Romance, Castle,  that I've reviewed below.

She's also sharing some writing tips that will leave you laughing.



The Secret to a Happy Writing Life


Hello, lovely readers! Excuse me while I hijack Sophia’s blog and share with you my top tips for happy writing.


1. Remember that no one else ever suffers from self-doubt, worry, or fear of judgment, so if you DO experience any of these afflictions then accept there is something fundamentally wrong with you and seek immediate therapy (the more expensive, the better). 


2.  WHAT matters most is how fast you write. If you’re not hitting 40k a week then you better pack up and go home, you big slowcoach. 


3. Do write every day — even if it FEELS wrong — because that’s the only way to keep your writing muscles fit and healthy.


4. Identify the best writer who ever lived and copy their method to the letter, because there is one RIGHT way to do things and if they found the secret formula then you better hop on that horse too.


5. Writers must suffer. FOR a sure-fire path to constant pain, do not take care of your wrists and hands with daily stretches and strength exercises. Instead, embrace that agony!


6. Never let anyone critique your work because YOU will never make mistakes and if anyone offers advice they are attacking you personally and must be exterminated!


7. Understand that creativity is predictable, controllable AND impervious to all outside influences. 


8. Don’t WRITE every day — even if you want to — because being a slave to daily targets makes you a robotic hack with no respect for the complexities of the craft. 


9. Everything in your STORIES must be new and fresh and nothing like anything that’s come before, because being influenced by other art means you are lazy and unoriginal. 


10. Creatives are sleep-deprived, caffeine-addicted loners with a heavy drinking problem. You are not a true creative unless YOU fulfill these requirements. 


11. Do compare yourself to others and cry when writers sign lucrative book deals, because their success means you’re a failure and no one will ever LOVE your work. 


Well, that’s all I have to say on the matter.  Most days you can find me circling the keys, coming up with lots of valid reasons for why I shouldn’t be writing. Somewhat miraculously, I did manage to write a whole book, which you can find below. You can also get new episodes of my serial, Diaries of an Interesting Workplace, by signing up to my mailing list at


Thank you, Sophia, for having me on :)

No one likes to spend time with Kat, because Kat can see the dead. 

Arriving in Edinburgh to study History, she vows to keep her Sight a secret and live a normal life. But she is soon drawn to the city’s historic heart, where spirits roam the cobbles and the bloody past comes alive. There, in the shadows of the Old Town, she meets James — a mysterious psychic who comforts troubled ghosts, who could really use her help…

Castle is a standalone paranormal romance, set in Scotland’s haunted capital, which you can buy from Amazon


Get your copy for 0.99 on Amazon through 9/13/2015.

C. A. Mitchell is a fantasy writer from Scotland, currently living in a drafty Georgian flat along with her husband, the resident mouse, and all the characters stuck in her head. She loves dancing, yoga, vegan food, film music, and numerous geek-things. 






5 Triskelions

Castle ensnared me from page one. I absolutely love the snarky personality of the heroine, add to that the fact she sees ghosts, and I was hooked. Without giving too much away, know you'll be wondering until the end. Ms. Mitchell weaves historical accuracy within the story without pulling you out of the action. The hero and heroine's romance sucks you in and keeps you rooting for them to make it. The creep factor is also there for all you paranormal fans. This is a must read! I highly recommend it!