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My paranormal romance series, The Druid's Curse, takes place in part in the Highlands of Scotland and the Carpathian Mountains, where myths and legends are a plenty.

Everyone is familiar with the legend of vampires in the Carpathian Mountains, but what you may not know is Scotland has its own version-

The BaoBhan Sith

The baobhan sith (baa-van-shee) is one of the oldest forms of vampire in Scotland.

Mostly found within the Highland regions, it invariably takes the form of a beautiful woman. The vampire is usually dressed in white or green - the color of magic and the fairies. The baobhan sith like most forms of vampire, can shape-shift at will.

This ghost-vampire was always deemed to be very dangerous to humans. They also have a number of things in common with the classic vampire:

  • They are creatures of the night

  • Drink human blood

  • May sometimes have fangs like the classic vampire

  • They are seductive

  • Cannot tolerate daylight

  • Can shape-shift into another animal form

  • They are telepathic and can read thoughts

However, there are some interesting differences:

  • The baobhan sith will only rise once a year from her grave.

  • Other names include 'The White Woman'.

  • The vampires are all female.

  • They stalk their prey in forests and other natural locations.

  • They shun society, keeping to rural areas, but frequently hunt in packs.

  • They have been known to invite men to dance with them, before attacking.

  • They use their extremely sharp fingernails to draw blood from the victim rather than fangs. When attacking, the nails are said to turn into talons.

  • Some are said to have cloven hooves for feet that are hidden under their long dresses.

  • A man bitten by a baobhan sith will not turn into a vampire.

  • Any woman who is attacked and killed by a baobhan sith will return as one of them.

  • Building a stone cairn over their grave was thought to stop them from rising.

  • Iron is one of the main weapons used against these vampires.

  • They are afraid of horses, particularly if the horses are shod with iron shoes. Therefore, anyone who remained sitting on their horse while confronting the baobhan sith would be safe.


There are numerous stories of encounters with the baobhan sith, so if you ever find yourself in bonnie Scotland at night...

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