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Following in the Footsteps of Giants

This bizarre journey of discovery started on a day like no other.  I was browsing some of the random crap which Facebook drops onto my timeline everyday when one of the little thumbnails which advertise lists like “The Top 25 Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions” caught my eye.  Now, you always know that clicking them will divert you to a series of pages choked to within an inch of their life with advertisements, I usually avoid them like the plague, but this thumbnail though, showed what looked like an archaeologist part way through excavating an enormous human skull.  Here it is:

I ignored it at first, but the curiosity it had sparked soon had me scrolling back in search of the mysterious picture.  It was attached to a title which read,”Top 10 Most Bizarre Discoveries in History”.  These advertising bots obviously knew their targets because it had me.  I clicked it.

I was confronted with the usual, a small box containing the desired pictures and a small caption completely surrounded by a heaving mass of online dating links and websites which would apparently alter my life for the better.  So I worked my way through the mildly interesting list only to realise that the giant skull never even made an appearance.  My frustration bubbled and I let the site know exactly how I felt with an extremely dramatic rage quit.

Now for many people that would have been the end of it, and I attempted to be one of those people.  That just isnt who I am.  No matter what I did, that damned skull kept popping back into my mind.  So I soon found myself back at my computer Googling great archaeological and anthropological discoveries etc and finding nothing about the picture.  I don’t think of myself as a fool, I realised that there was a 99.9% chance the picture was a fake, but that 0.1% had me.  Finally, in an act of desperation I finally typed in the simple phrase, “giant skulls”. There it was top row and even better it was accompanied by a swag of similar images.  Unfortunately they all seemed to link to pages of rambling or video by alien theorists or religious spruikers, none of which explained the origins of the pictures.  What I did find common to many though, was a name, Nephalims.

So with a name to these mysterious skulls I set about finding out more, and of course my first stop was Wikipedia.  Now some people may be familiar with these, but they were completely new to me.  To summarise what I found, they seem to stem from Hebrew origins and are referenced in several religious texts.  I am not a follower of any religious faith by the way, but I do find the mythology attached to religion interesting.  Despite the differences in opinion regarding the translation of the name, the general consensus was that they were a race of giants.

It turned out I was researching giants and there are a lot of references to a race of giants in the past, referred to by just as many different names.  There are a thousand theories of their origins ranging from aliens to a humanoid race which evolved alongside the mega fauna around ten thousand years ago.  Despite the varied theories, many of which made as much sense as a cat stuck in a vacuum cleaner, all seemed to agree that the race of giants had existed then slowly died out, but not before helping mankind to build all of its famous megalithic structures.  Obviously all hard evidence had disappeared for many different reasons and I never found any reference to actual bones being discovered and confirmed despite all the pictures (some of which are admitted as fakes while others are referred to as well documented pictures, though I was never able to find this documentation about them).

Unfortunately I had to stop my search there relatively unfulfilled; I had put far too much time into it when I should have been writing.  I learned a little from my adventure into the bizarre, but never really got to where I wanted to be, to know where the picture was from and if there was any chance it was real.  Though, I guess the fact that I never found an origin in itself tends to point towards a fraudulent picture.  “So it was all a waste of time,” you may say.  But I don’t think so.  The whole little journey did generate a lot of ideas for my writing.  Giants are a difficult mythological being to integrate into contemporary, believable fantasy, but the curiosity and intrigue which that small thumbnail generated in me has inspired a new trail to follow and some ideas to grow.

Blue Words

MC Edwards

 Genre: Contemporary/Urban Fantasy

 Publisher: Warpath Print

 Date of Publication: 30/11/14

 Number of pages: 334

Word Count: 110,000

 Cover Artist: Geoff Craig

 Book Description:

 Common threads have always woven through the world's mythology and folklore, strings which seem to link cultures divided by the vastness of oceans and time.

 Have you ever wondered why? What if I told you that they all stem from a single origin.....the Varth-lokkr. Within this ancient creature's blood, stirs the power to save or enslave the world as we know it, a power ignited by a simple word. But which does it truly desire?

 This dark urban fantasy follows one of these creatures through its emergence into 21st century Australia. It chronicles the rise of those who oppose it, those who ally themselves with it and those who are unwillingly drawn into its wake.

 Shed the blood. Speak the words. Change the world.


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M.C. Edwards – Blue Words Soundtrack

So I am going to throw something out there at the risk of seeming odd.  As readers, we all have our little quirks and rituals; habitual actions which accompany our reading, often inexplicably.  One of these quirks, which has been part of my reading experience for most of my life, is the creation of a live soundtrack for what I am reading and sometimes writing.  Anyone else out there do this?  It takes on many different shapes and forms.  Sometimes I find myself humming out loud without even being aware of it, but most often; it is simply a song or a fragment of song looping through my mind as I conjure a picture from the text.

In honour of my peculiar (and possibly unique) habit I have compiled a list of songs which I have associated with individual chapters of Blue Words over my time working on it.  Some are from when I was writing it, others revealed themselves while reading it.  How?  Well that's an excellent question which I don’t really have a good answer for.  Some songs were simply triggered by phrases in their lyrics, like Paint it Black.  Some sprung to mind because the feel or melodic structure of the song suited events within the chapter, for instance, Flannigan’s Ball – chaotic and messy; it just fit perfectly in the background of the mine brawl.  Then there other others which I’m honestly not sure about myself, they are tracks which just seemed to make themselves known and now its impossible to read the chapter with hearing them.

So have a look through the list, they are all linked to YouTube for your visual and auditory pleasure........get ready to skip ad (does anybody watch them?).  Read the book, listen to a few classics and maybe even discover something you never knew you liked.

A New BeginningLittle Talks – Of Monsters and Men – awesome clip!

RebirthCovered in Chrome – Violent Soho – amazing band from Brisbane (the initial setting for the book).

EvaporationSummer Romance (acoustic) – Incubus – watch Mike’s fingers go on the guitar.

InscribedSympathy for the Devil – Guns and Roses – classic.

Isolation - Today – The Smashing Pumpkins – this song played during my wedding ceremony, so I have a soft spot for it.

RevelationsFavour House Atlantic – Coheed and Cambria – flat out from beginning to end.

EscalationsKashmir – Led Zeppelin – An epic song, a melodic escalation.

A Confrontation for the AgesFlannigan’s Ball – The Dropkick Murphys – crazy, messy cover of an Irish classic.  Throw in the iconic voice of Ronnie Drew and it makes an amazing song.

Making AmendsHallelujah – Jeff Buckley – no matter how over-used this track is, it is still just as simultaneously peaceful and haunting as the first time I ever heard it.  Near my home town they play it in a pitch black chamber deep within a cave system to demonstrate incredible natural acoustics; it’s an amazing and humbling experience.

The HuntRiptide – Vance Joy – I challenge you not to tap your foot to this one.

Wise ManSunsets – Powderfinger – great song, sweet clip, Aussie band. It’s on Vimeo because I couldn’t find the clip on YouTube.

The Road - Turn the Page – Metallica - classic cover of an even more classic track.

DecisionsHow soon is now – The Smiths – listen to it in the dark - relaxing and eerie?

Trust RebuiltEmbrace – Pnau ft. Ladyhawk – not usually my sort of thing, but I read this chapter and parts of it just fit.

Dark PlacesPaint it Black – The Rolling Stones – such a timeless song.

A View of Hopelessness - Life on Mars – David Bowie – they say fashion comes in cycles.....hope not.

The Survivors - Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes – something about this song just gets me pumped up.

The Stuff of DreamsWalking on a Dream – Empire of the Sun - this will be stuck in your head for hours.

ChildhoodCailin – Unwritten Law – my wife and I shared our first dance as a married couple to this yeah, I have a soft spot for it.

Best Laid Plans

Blurry – Puddle of Mudd – Many chapters have a few songs associated with them and I chose one, this one needs both.  Without giving away too much, this song fits with the goodbyes.

In the Meantime – Space Hog – the perfect song to close it out, a great clash of the joy and sorrow which goes hand in hand when finishing a book.

Also I thought I would include this track, it always echoes through my mind when reading the ‘I am Gudrik’ passages of the book – Seeing Angels – John Butler Trio – this man is incredible on a guitar. Be sure to watch it through.

Thanks for taking the time to peek inside my mind and look through a list which is so personal to me on so many levels.  I would love to hear what you thought about it.



"Don't move or we'll fire," ordered one of the guards, his voice shook and his trigger finger twitched. Gudrik glared at him and swiftly shot towards George, who was now leaning over the stainless steel top rail, still scouring for an escape which didn't exist. The guards began to fire wildly at him. They may not have seemed overly competent, but they could shoot. Several projectiles tore through Gudrik's flesh as he moved, spattering blue onto the grass. Startled by the gunshots, George spun just in time to see the scruffy relic hurtling towards her. A bullet buried into Gudrik's knee. He stumbled. Before she had a chance to react, Gudrik crashed into George. His momentum forced her backwards, toppling them both indigently over the safety railing in a tangled mess of arms and legs.

The pair rocketed towards the ground. George screamed profanities so coarse that they blistered the very air around her. She scrambled and flailed as if trying to climb back up Gudrik's body. He wrapped himself tightly around her. "Earvictius groot," he bellowed.

His bullet wounds glowed, and the tender flesh surrounding them began to transform into cold, speckled granite. The stone rapidly spread along his limbs and across his abdomen, searing with pain as it went. He cringed and grated his teeth. As it spread across his chest and onto George she began to scream as though he were slashing chunks of flesh from her. Thankfully, the agony did not linger and in the blink of an eye, stone had completely swallowed both of them. No matter how hard she tried George could not move. It was both claustrophobic and frightening.

The living statues whistled closer and closer to the ground. Until......SMASH!  They crashed unhindered onto the roof of a parked car. Glass and shrapnel exploded from the vehicle as they tore through the chassis and into the road beneath.

Just as painfully as it had spread, the rock retreated returning the flesh to its vulnerable state, leaving it sensitive and speckled with sweat. Both lay for a moment of recovery. Their chests heaved deeply as they came to terms with what had just happened. Gudrik crawled out of the mangled wreck and climbed to his feet. "Are you harmed?" he grunted, lifting George to her feet.

She was pale and disheveled with blank shock clouding her eyes. Time was of the essence. Gudrik slapped her across the cheek. Fire filled her blank eyes. She swung a punch, which he avoided. He grabbed her shoulders and repeated his question, "Are you harmed?"

"I-I'm confused as hell," she responded, panicked, but glad to be alive. "But fine. I think. Yes fine. Definitely ok," she stammered nervously, quickly checking her body over for injuries and pulling her dress down to cover the lacy black panties on show to the world. Her hand quickly went to her locket, checking it was still there. "Was I made of stone then?” Gudrik ignored her question. His attention was otherwise occupied. By that stage, a huge crowd of onlookers and good Samaritans had gathered around their impact point.

"We must keep moving."

He dragged his hand along a twisted shard of the car's metal shell and spoke, "Unjallius.”

Gudrik groaned as huge, white wings tore from the flesh of his back in a puff of loose feathers and a splatter of blue. They stretched to a massive, elegant span and quivered in the sun. The suit jacket and shirt were left torn and tattered, spattered, stained and hanging in shreds from Gudrik's muscled shoulders. The stunned onlookers stepped back in awe. He grasped the confused woman tightly and with a few powerful beats of his mighty wings launched the two of them into the sky.

George clung tightly as they whipped and glided through the city. They weaved between the highrise buildings, slowly gaining altitude and suddenly plunging toward the ground as Gudrik negotiated the unpredictable up-drafts above the busy city streets. George was not as terrified as her brain insisted she should be. She loved the speed, she loved the wind and she loved the gaping faces of the populous below. It all exhilarated her. Gudrik's grasp was gentle and caring, but still so firm and reliable that there was no fear of falling.

Finally, Gudrik surged up and breached the top of the sky scrapers. The onlookers below were now nothing more than ants. George released her grip on Gudrik and shielded her eyes. The sun was much fiercer up there without the buildings' protection. She swivelled and squirmed as she gathered bearings. "Land on those cliffs over there," George said pointing at a small lookout point above the river.

Gudrik dived and swooped in, gently putting the two of them down on the grass in a rapid flutter of tiny wing beats. "Gratitude," Gudrik grunted as the wings collapsed into a sprinkling of blood.

 About the Author:

 M.C. Edwards, or Eddie as he is known to his mates, grew up in a coastal town on the picturesque Central Queensland coast of Australia.  He has travelled to many corners of the world and has a love of all things bizarre.  He enjoys motorcycles, beards, comics, videogames and the taste of a fine single malt scotch.  In his writing he crafts immersive worlds which mix reality and fantasy to create a strangely believable mix.

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