Author Larynn Ford with tips on editing and a giveaway!

I attended Dragon Con in Atlanta on Labor Day weekend this year. Dragon Con is a science fiction/fantasy conference featuring a variety of activities for its fans.

Now, I’m not a huge sci-fi fan. I can take it or leave it. So, why would I attend? I had never even heard of the event until my husband, the true fan, revealed his interest. Glancing at the line-up of guests and workshops, I discovered a variety of hourly writers workshops. Now, I was interested.

I enrolled in ten classes that caught my eye, many being taught by sci-fi/ fantasy author Michael A. Stackpole. Although I don’t write sci-fi, I figured the basics of writing applied to any genre and indeed picked up many wonderful ideas I plan to incorporate into my writing.

The one writing tip that was mentioned in several of the classes was: Never edit while writing. Write your story beginning to end and THEN do your edits and rewrites.

According to the advice in the classes, if you begin each writing session with chapter one and edit over and over, it will take much longer to complete your book. It stands to reason that we all need to refresh our memory of where we left off when we begin a new session but the advice is firm, no hard edits until the book is done.

I have to admit I am guilty of editing almost every time I sit down to write but, I’m going to try to change my bad habit and forge through to the end before I begin any major edits.

How about you? Can you resist editing until after you type, THE END?

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The vicious slaughter of cattle brings Lynzi Lancaster and her fiancé, Layne Brady, a Fae raised in the human world, to the aid of his human parents. A neighbor with a grudge has returned to the area to settle a score. 

Lynzi is only mildly shocked to find the tall tales her granddaddy had told so many years ago about black panthers roaming the woods near their home were not only true but also had a twist. The animals were werepanthers. 

The renegade panther believes Lynzi is a witch and threatens her life when Fae magic is performed nearby. Now, it’s up to Lynzi and Layne to bring down the big cats and keep her alive. 


Fiercely independent and determined to be taken seriously in a man’s world, PI Rose Baxter will do whatever it takes to find the kids who are disappearing from the streets and bring them home safe, even teaming up with PI Marty Brown, a man hot enough to burn whatever part of her gets too close—her fingers, her sheets, her life, and her other nature’s whiskers. 

But her other nature knows whiskers grow back and will accept nothing less than this man as her mate for life, a plan Marty’s all in on. Sparks fly when she refuses to be the little woman. Besides, those kids need her and their time’s running out. But, thrown together 24/7, can she fight their growing attraction? 


When she becomes the victim of several life-threatening incidents all in one week, it seems fate is out to put an end to Lynzi Lancaster. Her close calls with death trigger a series of dreams about a magical place and a certain man who broke her heart twenty years ago, Layne Brady. Could her life get any stranger?

When the star of her dreams announces, in person, that he had faked his death for twenty years in order to protect her, oh, and that he’s not actually human, the fireworks begin. Does she believe his extraordinary story of another world, the magical world of the Fae? Do fairies really exist? Should she trust her heart? Could her dreams come true?

All I Want For Christmas is a Soul Mate . . . 

This year’s delightful collection of Christmas short stories features a multitude of romantic genres all with one common theme: during the holiday season, nothing’s better than spending it with the one you love. 

Twenty talented Soul Mate authors have put together an anthology that’s sure to please any reader who enjoys their romance with a splash of Christmas cheer: 

A time-traveling Highlander brings comfort and joy to a young woman grieving her lost family . . . 

Best friends, both widowed, suddenly see each other through new eyes during a snowed-in Christmas Eve; 

A royal prince and a commoner fall in love despite their differences and a handful of untruths, thanks to a wreath that grants wishes . . . 
An alien race understands the simple reward of giving, when their human captive does not . . . 

Young lovers planning a Christmas wedding find their promise to each other is put to the ultimate test . . . 

A ghostly groom refuses to stay away from the woman he loves . . .
For two modern believers, a magical, mystical visit to Bethlehem on the night of the Christ Child’s birth is both a joy and a responsibility . . . 
And many more heartwarming, romantic stories celebrating ‘The Season To Be Jolly.’ 

Please join us as we tell a few tales, raise a glass of holiday cheer, and deck the halls with romance as well as boughs of holly!