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The History of Halloween


Halloween evolved from, well actually, did almost a one eighty from Samhain (pronounced SAH-win). The ancient pagan Celtic holiday was a time to celebrate the end of the harvest season, and the Celtic people believed it was the one time of the year when the veil between the living and dead was at its thinnest.

They thought spirits of the dead roamed the Earth on this night, and they would place food and drink at their front door in hopes of appeasing these spirits so they’d leave them alone. If they had to venture out of the house, they would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off the spirits.

In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III, made November 1st into the holiday known as All Saints day in an effort to put a Christian spin on the Pagan holiday. He realized that even though Christianity had come to the lands, the pagan beliefs were hard for people to let go. This holiday was to honor all saints and Martyrs. The night before, October 31st, was known as All Hallows’ Eve and later, shortened to Halloween.

In Britain, on All Soul’s Day people would go door to door and offer prayers for the dead in exchange for sweet cakes or treats. In Scotland, boys would wear costumes and go door to door. In exchange for things like money, wine, and food they would perform songs, recite poetry, or tell jokes. This was known as guising.

In the 19th century, when a large emigration of Scottish and Irish came to America, they tried to revive these old beliefs and practices and it turned into something of how we think of Halloween today. Though it wasn’t until the 1950’s when candy became a widespread treat given to those who went door to door. Prior to that, it was all about the trick. This was the one night of the year when young boys could pull pranks on neighbors without retribution.

Today, between costume and candy sales, Halloween is a 6 billion dollar business. Second only to Christmas.

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