Patricia Charles is Unconditionally Surrendering a Locket in our December Holiday Extravaganza

Author Patricia Charles joins me today with a gift and her upcoming new release...Unconditional Surrender.

Patricia Charles is giving away this beautiful locket in our December Holiday Extravaganza.

Riding horses, sleeping under the stars, and drinking beer by the campfire with friends were just a few of the reasons Creed Graham loved Civil War re-enactment events. He couldn’t get enough of them, and things got even better when Kirsten McConnell walked into his life.

Why on earth would any woman want to wear a tight corset all day, sleep on straw at night, and cook over an open fire? No TV, air-conditioning or cell phones? She couldn’t believe she let her friend drag her here. Kirsten knew she would loath every moment of this Civil War re-enactment. But then she met Creed.

Sparks ignite in a blazing star filled night of passion. Sleeping on straw isn’t so bad with Creed beside her. When tragedy strikes, Kristen’s happily ever-after seems as far away as the Civil War. Her perfect world collapses, and she’s left with problems too monumental for even Creed’s love to scale. Amongst the explosions of mock cannon fire, they stand on opposite sides in the war on love. Can there be an Unconditional Surrender or will the North and South forever be at odds?

 Coming soon from Soul Mate Publishing!


Dennis waited when Creed turned the corner. As angry as he was, Creed didn't want to see Dennis now. In fact, he was the last person he wanted to see, beside her.

"Key" the boy exclaimed.

"Uncle Key." Creed corrected him.

Dennis didn't even wait for Creed to rein the horse beside him. "You just saw her." It was more of a statement than a question.

Creed's entire body tensed and his nephew, feeling the emotion, turned to study him.

He exhaled. "Yeah." He didn’t need to say more.

"You kept your promise?”

"The perfect gentleman."

"You promised more than that."

The horse circled until the two men faced each other again.

"Friends. Old, dear friends," Dennis reminded him.

"I was drunk when you extracted that promise."

"Maybe, but I promised Ann. This is her special time, and she wants both of you–happy."

Happy? Creed doubted happiness existed with Kirsten around. But he liked Ann. He'd keep his promise.

Plastering a fake smile on his face, Creed agreed. "Until after the wedding. Then Kirsten McConnell is mine. Just like you promised. Is that understood?"

Patricia Charles remembers going to the public library when she was a small child. The Pascagoula library was only a block away. She wasn’t allowed to cross the street, so her older brother was delegated to take her. Of course, she wouldn’t let him carry her books. She was a big girl. Patricia remembers she had so many books she had to balance them with her chin. She also recalls crying when she had to return them. Books have been in her life as long as she can remember.

Her love of books eventually lead her to the theatre. She has a Master’s of Arts in Drama and Communications and a Master’s of Library and Information Sciences. Naturally she is a librarian, a medical librarian.

She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Southern Louisiana Chapter of RWA and CelticHearts? In 2013 she won Best Historical and Highest Overall Score in the Dixie Kane Contest.

Patricia lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, having moved there from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Frodo, her large 14 pound Pomeranian, likes to lick her feet while she writes.

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